Need donations or supplies?
Click on your corresponding "add my group" to register a profile

If your group's profile is already created...
Simply click on 'claim this profile', send us some verification info, and a team member will give you the editor key!

To post listing of needed resources
Click on 'my request postings' in the right hand column of your group's profile page

Manage requests for donations/supply
You can edit existing postings or create a new one by clicking 'new request'

Add needed items
Clicking 'edit' or 'new request' takes you to a form to post needed items. You can input multiple fields at a time and click update if you need more than one kind. The fields can be numbers or characters.

Manage received offers
You can view all received offers on your group's page. Hit 'reply' to respond to offers.

Replying to offers
You can change the status of offers by clicking on 'accept' or 'reject' or 'mark as delivered'. To coordinate you can send replies through the site and the donor will be notified. You can also send emails directly to them.

Giving out editor key to your own team
Once you have editor key for your profile, you can view and give new users the priviledge in this section right on your group's page.

Sending offers from your donor group
If you're a donating organization, you can send offers from your org through your page. Just scroll down and click on 'send offer from [your awesome org!]'

Send offer as an individual
You can also send offers as an individual by clicking on 'send offer'

Making your offer
After clicking on 'send offer' you'll then have a draft of your offer. You can add items that you'd like to send on the right column. To officially send the offer simply click on 'send offer' on this page

Manage your offers
You can view the status of all your offers from the 'my account' page aftering logging in